Q3 Aurelia is a South East Asia based consulting and solution provider that is extremely successful and offers ready technical solutions to its clientele. The technological industry is advancing and changing every day, and hence Q3 Aurelia’s team of experts focus on adapting to these changes so that they can provide the proper service.

Given that this is the digital age, there is a constant need for innovation and Q3 takes that challenge and delivers the best answers to any problems and comes up with solutions that will bring about impressive change.

Q3 also works in partnership with several other international IT companies to bring the best to the industry that is continuously developing and changing.

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Hospitality Solution

Q3 Aurelia provides software and hardware solutions for hotels and restaurants industry. Solutions include Q3 financials (Q3F) , a fixed asset system, and inventory and hardware services.

Networking/ Hardware Solutions

Q3 Aurelia’s technological solutions provide secure networking services as well as hardware assistance when necessary.


The security solutions provided by Q3 Aurelia include safe and reliable access to online media, as well as cloud security that lower the risks of any kind of theft of data.

Flash Storage

The flash storage solutions provided by Q3 Aurelia allows easy access and increases the speed of processing large volumes of data which helps in cases of inventory management.


New Global Dimension

While there are several local value systems available, Q3 Aurelia has expanded their services to know the kind of solutions that are required globally. This allows a wider range of options which combine both global as well as regional services and brings the appropriate solution to the client.

Partner to Prosper

Q3 Aurelia works with its clients when creating the perfect solution. While ABeam’s capabilities are incorporated into the corporate system at Q3 Aurelia, the company discusses the solutions available with the client to get a better understanding of what kind of service they need to provide.


The company focuses solely on the client’s needs. The solutions provided by Q3 Aurelia are designed in accordance with what the client finds right and the company takes responsibility in providing solutions that are not only sound on paper but are also practical.

Professional Excellence

Q3 has an extremely dynamic and talented tea, of professionals who have immense knowledge and experience in their respective fields and hence are able to constantly come up with newer and more revolutionary technological solutions.

Power of Diversity

Q3 Aurelia respects individuality and individual capabilities and they bring this to the table when creating new solutions for their clients. This helps in fostering the relationship between the client and company that in turn allows space for a lot of progress.


Q3 Aurelia partners with several IT companies like Akamai, SanDisk, Oracle and Shannon Systems to name a few.



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