What is Flash Storage?

Flash storage is the latest data storage technology which makes use of electronically, and high speed programmable memory. Flash storage is extremely fast and this is how this storage technology got its name. It is capable of performing random input/output operations and data in a flash.

As the volume of the stored data increases the need for a flash storage becomes necessary. A company can manage its inventory better with the facility of flash storage.

Flash storage is also known to maximize the query performance and also make it cost saving for the company at large. Less license of hardware, software, energy and workload administration is reduced to a considerable extent.

This is what you facing now

  • SQL database is I/O bound
  • Applications running on SQL are sluggish
  • SQL databases dependent on shared storage suffer from latency problems
  • Critical applications are constantly waiting on database performance, replication, index and temp filing
  • Take times to generate report.
  • Oracle’s licensing model inhibits efficient performance scaling via adding spindle

What you need

  • High IOPS performance
  • Low latency database solution
  • Reduce server footprint and cost
  • Increase application performance
  • Host more VM/Application with fewer servers.
  • Faster performance during generating report, batch processing, Query etc.


  • Better performance and faster speed
  • Greater storage with lesser investment and effort.
  • Improved reliability.
  • Accelerates performance of your applications.
  • Makes your infrastructure future-proof.
  • Enhances the performance by approximately 10 times

Flash Storage Impact

Performance and Scalability

  • Get the highest IOPS and bandwidth, with the lowest latency
  • Gain linear scalability
  • Maximize query performance
  • 80% of customers surveyed see 3x performance increase High Availability
  • Speed mirroring, log shipping, and fail-over
  • Decrease maintenance/service and disaster recovery time. Improve ROI
  • Use less hardware, software licenses, and energy, and reduce administration workload
  • Up to 50% cost savings over centralized storage


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