Hotel Kiosk

Customer’s Satisfaction . Time Saving . Effective

One-stop-solution to all the problems you have faced in the past regarding hotel booking and registration. Self service kiosk has served thousands of customers successfully till date.  This hotel kiosk matches the requirements of hotel operations and solves the problems caused by the need to allocate too many resources to repetitive tasks. It interfaces with PMS, key card system and other necessary systems. Information transmission occurs at real time.

Improve guest experience
Better workforce allocation
Grow Revenue


You can customize the features to suit your requirements. It makes the overall check-in/check-out procedures convenient and easy.

Passport Reader

Voice Guidance Technology

2nd Monitor

Issue and Drop Off Key Card

QR Code Reader

Issue Voucher

hotel self check in kiosk

Credit Card Reader

Issue Receipt

Bar Code Reader


Touch Screen

LED Light Mounted

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