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We provide end-to-end hospitality solutions from hardware to software in hotel and F&B industry.

Focus Industry – Expert in Hotel Back Office System

If you are tired of inserting you account details and its data manually every-time, the Q3 Financials Solutions (hotel back office accounting software) is here to help you.We provide Financials/Accounting Software Solutions that focus on Hotel and F&B Industry. We developed and own the IP of this product through our in house development team. We interfaces to branded Hotel and F&B Solutions and working closely with Oracle Hospitality Team.  Our Financials/Accounting Solutions embrace the true multi-tenant cloud technologies that will be able to run on cloud or on-premise server.

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Own In-House Software Solutions

Q3 Hospitality Solution is our own in-house application that is build for Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants.


Support multi-company


Fast and smooth data entry, resulting in speeding up the overall workflow.

Detailed Reports

Ready chart of account for Hotel with Analysis Code for easier reporting and reduce human errors.


The application was built by a experienced team of hoteliers for hoteliers.

Service Support


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