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Q3 Hospitality Solution

  • Q3 Financials
  • Q3 Fixed Asset System
  • Q3 Purchasing and Inventory System
  • Hardware Managed Services
  • Project Management & Consultancy
  • Network Infrastructure & Security

Q3 Hospitality Solution is our own in-house application that is build for Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants.

The application was build by a team of hoteliers for hoteliers.

Ready Chart of Account for Hotel with Analysis Code for easier reporting.

Support Multi-Company.

Focus Industry – Expert in Hotel Back Office System

We have a dedicated team that is focusing on Q3 Hospitality.




Q3 Hardware and Managed Services


Q3 Financials (Q3F) is an integrated business accounting software that build on Hotel and F&B industry operation and financial needs, Q3F represents the best practices of Hotel and F&B experience and innovation.

Q3F is user-friendly, it provide users with up-to-date information to meet the operations and management reporting needs, this system also allow local taxes and statutory requirements to be added to the core product if require.

Q3F pre-defined shell is designed to meet the Hotel and F&B operational and
management reporting requirements.This shell includes standard operational and management reports plus key performance indicators.

Q3F has ready build-in Interfaces with Micros-Fidelio Suite of Products. It is delivered as part of the standard toolset to facilitate the integration process. We have the software, we have the industry knowledge, and we have the expertise. We offer solutions that you need.



Success Stories

Case Study

more than 20 years experienced engineering company, had been facing difficulties when it came to handling their internal email servers. This was because their existing servers were old physical ones, housed in their own building, giving rise to a host of operational issues. There were frequent email delivery failures where the intended recipients never got hold of sent mails, slow sending rates and many episodes of server downtime. This led to an inefficient mailer system, which cost the company resources due to lower productivity and also increased maintenance costs to restore and patch servers facing downtime.

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