What is Enterprise Flash Storage 
and Why Should You Care?

The perpetually increasing volume of stored data, especially with the growth in mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT), has created both challenges and opportunities for businesses. While legacy disk drives are growing the amount of total capacity that they can store, the speed with which they can access and serve that data has remained relatively constant. Simply being able to store data is of little value. For stored data to have real value, businesses must be able to quickly access and process that data to extract actionable information. It is the ability to get actionable information from large volumes of data that creates value and provides organizations with a true competitive benefit. It is the speed with which those increasing volumes of data can be served and processed that creates value by enabling companies to better manage inventory, reduce time to market, improve customer experiences and fundamentally transform their businesses. This is the benefit that flash offers.

Advantages of Enterprise Flash Over Other Technology

Flash storage offers a number of advantages over other storage technologies.

  • 10x or greater more performance. This leads to greater agility, innovation ability and improved customer experience. The increase in speed enables applications to exploit data in greater depth, delivering real insight to a business
  • Lower total cost of ownership. Flash is able to deliver greater storage density within a smaller footprint, resulting in a corresponding reduction in costs for power, cooling, and floor space. Also, since the flash can deliver data to processors faster, those processors are better utilized so that fewer are required.
  • Increased reliability. With no moving parts, flash has a higher mean time to failure. A well-built all-flash array can easily last between 7-10 years.

This is what you facing now :

  • SQL database is I/O bound
  • Applications running on SQL are sluggish
  • SQL databases dependent on shared storage suffer from latency problems
  • Critical applications are constantly waiting on database performance, replication, index and temp filing
  • Take times to generate report.
  • Oracle’s licensing model inhibits efficient performance scaling via adding spindle

What you need :

  • High IOPS performance
  • Low latency database solution
  • Reduce server footprint and cost
  • Increase application performance
  • Host more VM/Application with fewer servers.
  • Faster performance during generating report, batch processing, Query etc.

Flash storage IMPACT:

Performance and Scalability

  • Get the highest IOPS and bandwidth, with the lowest latency
  • Gain linear scalability
  • Maximize query performance
  • 80% of customers surveyed see 3x performance increase High Availability
  • Speed mirroring, log shipping, and failover
  • Decrease maintenance/service and disaster recovery timeImprove ROI
  • Use less hardware, software licenses, and energy, and reduce administration workload
  • Up to 50% cost savings over centralized storage



Success Stories

For years, storage has been viewed as the important but slightly boring cousin to processing power and applications. With the onslaught of performance and value brought into the fold by enterprise NAND devices the situation has changed drastically. We now have technology to alleviate storage bottlenecks that have plagued the industry for years.

Case Study


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