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Q3 Financials (Q3F) Cloud is designed to meet the needs of Hospitality Industry including Hotel and F&B. Q3F Cloud has interfaced to major suite of Hospitality software solutions including Property Management System (PMS), Point of Sales (POS), Inventory System and so on. It is delivered as part of the standard tool set to facilitate the integration process.

Q3 Financials Cloud benefits users to access from anywhere and anytime, from any device. Thus, business productivity does not need to be affected when downtime occurred.

Q3F Cloud is user-friendly-provides users with up-to-date information, save IT costs and maintenance time and reduce human errors.


Up-to-date data protection instead of extra cost to hiring technical expertise. You may focus on business operation with freedom of technology worried.


It is user friendly which provides standard setup shell/configuration including COA, Analysis Codes & Reports for Hotel and F&B


Get a completely up-to-date view of current financial situation in anywhere, anytime and from any devices. And that allows to make better informed decisions about the financial future of business.


Reduce human errors and speed up overall workflow.

How Q3F Cloud software benefits your business?

Access on Demand

The users can access the data from anywhere and anytime, from any devices.

Cost Saving

Less depending on tech support and save big upfront server costs


Able to see all your key information in one simple place with Q3F Cloud accounting dashboard. Easily tracking and provide high level of assurance.


Able to keep track of your vendor payable and client receivables in foreign currency

Expertise Support

We have expertise team with strong knowledge to support any business enquiries.

Timely, Detail Reports

Instant accuracy key financial reports

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