Get Comprehensive Onmi Payment Connector (OPC) For Your Business!

Innovative and Secure Payment Platform with One Unified Integration Across Channels


Q3 Payment Solutions (Integration with Oracle Payment Interface) offers an innovative secure payment processing platform with one unified integration across channels and geographies with an adaptable preferred payment provider.

Q3 also provides a complete managed services including support for POS SIMPHONY, server and networking hardware, payment terminal replacement and repair, application updates and configuration management.

Integration Overview

Q3 Omni Payment Connector (OPC) provides hospitality customers a seamless and robust integrated payment solution for Oracle POS SIMPHONY via Oracle Payment Interface (OPI) version 19.1. Q3 OPC enables multi cross-payment channel in a single payment processing platform connecting to major preferential acquirer or payment processor globally. It also supports contact or contactless card payments with real time transaction management.


Effective Payment Process

Create hassle-free and faster transaction payments

Multi Cross-Payment Channels

Enables multi cross-payment channels in a single payment processing platform

Reduce Human Errors

Reduce manual duplicate entry into POS or PMS which leads to tedious operation

Real Time Transaction Management

Real time web-based transaction management provides insightful payment analytics.

Support for Multiples Currencies

Support with One Unified Integration

Offers Other Customize Payment Solutions

To suit industry-specific needs, as for example, RFID wristband, Kiosk solution and so on.

Two models of Q3 Omni Payment Connector (OPC)


On-Premise OPC provides payment requests to local servers within the premises over a secure LAN. The benefit of this model is that internet redundancy is not an issue.


Oracle OPI sends direct payment request to Q3 OPC Cloud over secure HTTPS Internet. No server hardware required but dual Internet redundancy is recommended.


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