Flash Memory is Eating the World

It’s not just the movement of the tectonic plates of world politics, nature’s forces or global economics that make this decade a historic one. Technology has entered an era different than anything we’ve seen before. Devices have become indivisible from our daily experiences while sensors are now embedded to our physical surroundings, and eventually even to ourselves. In this new economy of information the data center is undergoing spectacular changes; likely more than it has seen in over two decades.

One example of the prodigious changes we are seeing is the cloud. Cloud computing has redefined the way we think about underlying infrastructure and the type of services we can deliver to outward facing applications and users. New levels of scale alongside new capabilities have changed our perception of how we utilize computing as a platform, and as a utility. It has also changed the way businesses are organizing their data center architectures and brought forward a world of new experiences and business models.


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