Email Migration from Physical Server to Cloud

Company ABC, an engineering firm, had been facing difficulties when it came to handling their internal email servers. This was because their existing servers were old physical ones, housed in their own building, giving rise to a host of operational issues. There were frequent email delivery failures where the intended recipients never got hold of sent mails, slow sending rates and many episodes of server downtime. This led to an inefficient mailer system, which cost the company resources due to lower productivity and also increased maintenance costs to restore and patch servers facing downtime.

After reviewing the customer’s requirements and shortcomings, QCS technicians proposed a migration of the existing physical email servers to a cloud-based solution. Upon receiving the go-ahead, the QCS team performed the migration of over 200 email accounts to the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 email, in just under 10 days. Having migrated the accounts seamlessly, the new email process was infallible, with a speedy response times, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. No email rejections, coupled with boosted security rendered the cloud-solution an absolute shift from the outdated process.

As a result of this shift, email communication became a stable and reliable experience, making delivery issues a thing of the past.


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