3D NAND will Change the Future

In a recent interview in Computerworld, Sumit Sadana, SanDisk® chief strategy officer and general manager of SanDisk enterprise solutions, spoke about how companies heavily invested in IT at scale (like Facebook, Google, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and the likes), have long understood that the best and fastest path to reducing cost at scale is through the aggressive adoption of flash. Flash is more resilient, it enables consolidation, it’s cost efficient, and it delivers a superior user experience. It’s also where the rest of the industry is heading to.

The flash trend will continue with higher-capacity memory reducing the TCO of storage infrastructure by leaps and bounds. Memory technologies are evolving as the industry transitions to 3D NAND and the introduction of storage-class memory as a new tier. These developments will deliver on the promise of Big Data and IoT.

Source from Sandisk Website


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